May 30th

Your Business Or God’s Business – Part II

Good Day,

Matthew 8:30-34 (AMP)
30Now at some distance from there a drove of many hogs was grazing. 31And the demons begged Him, If You drive us out, send us into the drove of hogs. 32And He said to them, Begone! So they came out and went into the hogs, and behold, the whole drove rushed down the steep bank into the sea and died in the water.33The herdsmen fled and went into the town and reported everything, including what had happened to the men under the power of demons. 34And behold, the whole town went out to meet Jesus; and as soon as they saw Him, they begged Him to depart from their locality.

There is evidence of what happens when we decide to serve the wrong master. The ultimate destiny for our life is destruction. These demons were casted out into the hogs and these now possessed pigs ran over the bank and into the sea and DIED in the water. They didn’t swim away, they didn’t make it to the other side; they DIED.

We can believe in Jesus just as the demons recognize and believe in Jesus. They have full knowledge of who Jesus is and what He represents. But we have to take a step further and walk in Jesus. Until we do that, it is going to be very difficult to deal with and survive in this world.

The people in this region had a choice to make. The herdsmen that ran back into town to complain about Jesus reported all that had happened to the demon possessed men and the 2000 hogs that went over the steep bank and into the sea.

Accept Jesus

People were afraid to walk by these men because they were physically and mentally scary. As they approached Jesus and saw one of them calm, clothed, and looked like a normal person, they feared Jesus.

What would you have done? The first reaction of many is probably run from His sight because fear comes from lack of knowledge. Instead of questioning who Jesus was, they were quick to push Him out of town. Instead of looking at this once fully demon possessed man who was transformed to his right mind, they couldn’t understand it.

This was their opportunity to accept Jesus.

Reject Jesus

Then there were probably others who could care less about the two men and looked at the situation of the hogs; a whole fleet of them dead. These herdsmen just became jobless and it probably disturbed their economy. Were they devastated? Probably. But if they understood the power of Jesus, it wouldn’t have been such a traumatizing event for them.

When we lose the most important financial stability in our life, we don’t reject God, we go to Him with our concerns and ask, “Ok, what’s next? What is it that you have planned for me that I didn’t see?” Then, let the Lord do the rest.

Jesus could have given up on everyone in this region. But He left a precious gift behind; that man! The one that was now cleaned out from all evil spirits. He begged Jesus to get on the boat and leave with Him. But He had other plans for that person.

Mark 5:19-20 (AMP)
19But Jesus refused to permit him, but said to him, Go home to your own [family and relatives and friends] and bring back word to them of how much the Lord has done for you, and [how He has] had sympathy for you and mercy on you. 20And he departed and began to publicly proclaim in Decapolis [the region of the ten cities] how much Jesus had done for him, and all the people were astonished and marveled.

Jesus is so merciful that He gave the people of Decapolis another chance to receive Him.

The Lord has given us the power to serve a master. We have to decide whether we are going to accept or reject Jesus. It’s Your Choice!!


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