May 30th

What Are We Made Of

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What Are We Made Of

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Each day we are breathing is a day closer to the end; we don’t know how much time we have on Earth.  We’re all running a race to the finish line.  When we get there, we are either coming out on top or the bottom.  We’ll think about our mistakes and accomplishments, but is this when we should know what we’re made of?  If we wait until the end to realize this, it will be too late for changes because we’d reached the end of the line.  Don’t we want to check ourselves now to make sure we’re on the right track?

When the Lord is about to bless us, there are obstacles that will come our way.  If we’re not sure what we’re made of, we can miss it like a blink of an eye.


The devil is waiting for any opportunity to cause us to fall and stumble.  He will tempt us with things we’ve thought we overcame years ago, he’ll remind us of a past experience, and he’ll set something before us that he knows we’re weak in.

In Matthew 4, we see this example when satan tries to deceive Jesus.  Jesus is in the wilderness alone, has fasted for forty days and nights and at his weakest point, the tempter is coming because this is a time to test and have the victory.

Great Opportunities Arise

When we read further into the chapter, we see the great opportunities that are offered to Jesus.  But because He knew what He was made of, He was able to resist the devil and responded with the Word of God.  Jesus didn’t try to argue with the devil or make excuses for Himself.  He went right to the source and attacked him with the most powerful words there is to use against the enemy – The Holy Bible.

We, too, have the same opportunity and resource in using the Bible and fight back with the spiritual teachings.

Be cautious when the Lord is positioning your blessing, great opportunities will arise that will seem to be from Him.  But if we wait and look just a little closer, we’ll realize that there’s something just not right; there will be something out of place or order.

Questioning Yourself

We start questioning ourselves on what to do.  Is it from the Lord or not?  If you get to this point, stop all that you’re doing and go to a quiet place where it’s just you and the Lord.  He will remind you of all the promises that were given to you, he’ll confirm to you what he said he would do, and uplift you.  You will come out of that quiet time knowing what next steps need to be taken.  If in that quiet time the Lord decides not to speak, then we continue doing what he told us to do last.  We stay in this mode until you hear from Him.

In Matthew 26:36-46, we see Jesus not questioning Himself but asking, “Is there any other way to go through this?” and he continues, “Your will be done.”  He was feeling the obstacles we go through and knew firsthand about fleshly temptations.  But he quickly understood his mission and wanted God’s Will to be done regardless of what He was feeling at the time.

He goes into prayer not once but three times; He knew what was coming.

Matthew 26:38 (AMP)
Then He said to them, My soul is very sad and deeply grieved, so that I am almost dying of sorrow. Stay here and keep awake and keep watch with Me.

Webster’s Dictionary

Watch – the act of keeping awake to guard, protect, or attend.

Strong’s Dictionary

Watch in Matthew 26:38 – spiritual alertness.

Jesus didn’t need Peter and the two sons of Zebedee to physically keep guard of Him; He was asking them to keep watch spiritually.  To be in prayer and fight the spiritual war with Him.  But we see that they fell asleep and weren’t spiritually aware of what Jesus was truly going through.

The disciples didn’t understand the magnitude of Jesus’ destiny and because of this, they didn’t take full advantage of the learning opportunity placed before them.  We can look back and see where the Lord has given us opportunities but because we were more concerned of the Earthly kingdom, we missed the opportunity to serve in the Heavenly Kingdom.

We have to make sure we align ourselves with the right people and push the limits to see what we are truly made of.  We can start today; it’s never too late.  Don’t allow your growth to be hindered.  Take a brave leap of faith, try new things, go to new places and watch the Lord move for you.


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