May 30th

The Woman Of Abel

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The Woman Of Abel

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Proverbs 9:10 (KJV)
The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom: and the knowledge of the holy is understanding.

Have you ever felt urgency in your heart to act upon something? Your head starts pounding, eyes bulging, sweaty hands, and your heart is practically coming out of your chest! But in all this commotion, you know you have to take action.

The wise woman of Abel probably felt the same emotional and physical rush as she decided to take action for her city.

Psalm 37:30 (AMP)
The mouth of the [uncompromisingly] righteous utters wisdom, and his tongue speaks with justice.

II Samuel 20:1-17
There was a man named Sheba, a Benjamite, who tried to overtake the throne of David. But David responded quickly and commanded Joab and his men to pursue Sheba. They searched for him until they reached the town of Abel of Beth-maacah. The men were preparing to take the wall down to siege the city until Sheba was found.

There were many people in the city that knew what Joab and his men were about to do. One woman wondered what may be causing all this trouble in her peaceful city.

We often face similar situations performing our daily tasks and boom! Here comes a storm out of nowhere! We wonder what caused the imbalance. Question is… what are our next steps? Do we jump, holler, and make a lot of noise with no resolution or do we focus on what’s before us and tap into the wisdom that the Lord gives us to deal with the issue?

The woman feels she has to take action before her life is destroyed. She is not thinking about anything else but to rescue herself and the people in this city. She probably doesn’t even consider the circumstances if the commander responds negatively.

She takes a stand of boldness and moves forward to get clarification of the situation. As we read the rest of the scripture in II Samuel 20:18-22, we see the story unfold as this courageous woman approaches Joab and is given the opportunity to discuss the matter, rectify the situation, and obey Joab’s request.

She goes back to the people and with her wisdom convinces them to kill Sheba to protect their city. They move forward and execute the request. Sheba’s head is cut off and thrown over the wall towards Joab.

The story reminds me of how we can be so strong, courageous, confident, wise, brave, and given wisdom that when a “Sheba” comes along to try and cause havoc in our lives, we don’t break down and crumble. We can stand strong on the wisdom the Lord has blessed us with and act upon the supernatural powers He has given us.

Sheba in this story represents how the devil comes in, instigates, stirs up negative movement, and tries to start trouble in a peaceful moment in our life.

The most important aspect of realizing these “Sheba’s”, is how we react in the situation. Do we possess the wisdom of the Lord to carry out the task in a peaceful manner without destroying other lives, or do we act like Sheba and go to peaceful places and cause trouble for everyone around us?

Even through the most troubled times in our life, we can be peaceful and work through the situation. Our physical bodies may take upon the traits mentioned in the beginning of this message (Your head starts pounding, eyes bulging, sweaty hands, and your heart is practically coming out of your chest!), but our spiritual being could be calm and peaceful.

At this point, we have a choice to feed those physical emotions or the spiritual being that the Lord has called us out to be.

Every day we have choices to make. Unfortunately they are often not black/white easy decisions. We often have to decipher through these choices and ask the Lord for wisdom to select the appropriate one. Let’s rely on the Lord in the choices that is presented in front of us.


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