May 30th

The Power Of the Tongue – Part II

Good Day!

We can look at two stories in the Bible where words had such an impact on how a person responded.

David and Michal – II Sam. 6:14-16

The scripture states that “Michal despised him in her heart.” She thought he acted ridiculously in the streets as he was dancing when the Ark of the Covenant entered the city of David. But was that what was really bothering her? She had a much deep rooted hurt that turned into bitterness.

II Sam 6:20-23 (AMP)
Instead of Michal taking her distress to God, she allowed her flesh to blurt out what she was feeling in her heart. David responded and set her aside forever. She never bore children from David and died a very lonely woman.

Let’s see how one woman decided to use her words in a positive way to save her household.

David and Abigail – I Sam. 25

When David became angry from Nabal’s response to his request, he was ready to kill Nabal. When one of Nabal’s young men told Abigail the situation, she hurried to provide food and drink for David’s men. She took it upon herself, without her husband’s knowledge, to meet David and his men in the wilderness and try to change his mind.

In verses 24-31, Abigail pours her whole heart out to David. She spoke the truth and acknowledged the situation for what it truly was. She was a woman that had the wisdom from God.

As you read the rest of the chapter, you’ll see how David responded and the blessing that was bestowed upon her household.

As you meditate on these two stories, let’s also meditate on how we choose our words in our every day conversations with people.


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