May 30th

The Dirty Washcloth

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The Dirty Washcloth

Good Day,

This weekend as we were camping, I was taking a nice walk breathing the crisp cool morning air. As I was washing my face in the bathroom, I looked at my wash cloth. Then I looked around to see who was around me. For a moment, I felt embarrassed having a dingy wash cloth in my bag. I knew it was clean and it smelled cleaned. But it looked like it cleaned everything in sight 🙂

I didn’t have a choice as I was in the middle of nowhere with my ziploc bag containing a dingy wash cloth, soap, toothpaste, and toothbrush.

As I looked around, I realized I did have a choice; I could use a rough paper towel behind me! After a second, I decided to use the cloth. As I proceeded to clean my face, I felt it fluffy, soft, and welcoming to my skin. As I started to walk back to the tent, the Lord started to talk to me about the wash cloth. He wanted to teach me a lesson on what just happened!

Wash cloth

  • Outside-dingy, rough looking, embarrassing
  • Inside-fluffy, soft and smooth to the tough


Paper towel

  • Rough but it’ll do the job one time
  • Quick result to dry my face
  • Temporary satisfaction


When we view our lives and as we make various decisions based on choices we have:

  • Do we look at the easiest way out?
  • Or do we say, “Ok, this looks inviting or even delightful so I’ll pick that one.”
  • Or the Lord is asking us to take this road in our destiny but it just makes sense to take the other road.

We can’t see how God’s road can get us there. But the other one seems so clear to us. That dingy wash cloth didn’t look appealing until I actually felt and smelled it.

At times, our blessing is as close as just taking one more step. But what do we do? Throw it away because it doesn’t look right. Or our pride is so deep that we wouldn’t be caught putting the wash cloth to our face. We prefer to put the paper towel to our face instead to receive a quick, temporary gratification.

Just imagine using a paper towel to my face for three days. The consequence I would suffer would come later when my face was red and irritated. This is exactly what happens in our spiritual life we suffer the consequence after we’ve decided to make the other choice.

Another aspect to the story is as I looked around (quick second), the Lord asked me after, “Do you look around to see whose watching or do you look up to see me watching?” We are in a lot of pressure in life with others demands and what is expected of us as individuals. But when we set our eyes on Jesus, God will honor us as we glorify Him!


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