May 30th

The Cripple Man

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The Cripple Man

Good Day,

The last few weeks I’ve been writing about healing and my own experience of the healing power of Jesus Christ.

Some believe that healing of ailments today is dead and that our healing will not come until Christ’s return.  But I’m here to tell you as a witness of Christ’s child that healing is alive and well.  The Lord will use any means possible or impossible to bring you to restoration, if He Wills it.

Acts 14:8-10 (AMP)
8Now at Lystra a man sat who found it impossible to use his feet, for he was a cripple from birth and had never walked.  9He was listening to Paul as he talked, and [Paul] gazing intently at him and observing that he had faith to be healed,10Shouted at him, saying, Stand erect on your feet! And he leaped up and walked.

The cripple man had one thing that allowed the healing to manifest in him; Faith!

Webster’s Dictionary

Faith – firm belief in something for which there is no proof.

He believed Paul’s words as he spoke to him.  He never had the opportunity to experience what walking was like because he was crippled from birth.  But he had another thing that allowed the healing: Determination!

Webster’s Dictionary

Determination – the act of deciding definitely and firmly.

Faith activates determination.  You stay firm in what you’re believing in and don’t waiver when the going gets tough.  There are times that you may get a little down, but it doesn’t move you to a depressed state.  You quickly identify the negative mindset and pick yourself up.

Whether we ask the Lord for healing or we are prophesied that we will be healed, it takes determination to be fixed on that goal and believe that it will come to pass.  We can’t approach the situation with a “maybe” attitude.  We have to go boldly to the Cross and know that it will happen.

When we practice faith in our lives it also activates other attributes.

F –       Focus
When we’re focused, we have a clear understanding and are channeled in the specific area.  People may try to re-direct us but we keep our stance and are not waivered.


A –       Assurance
When we have assurance, we have confidence in what we’re believing in and we have a certainty in our mind of where we’re headed.

I –        Integrity
When we have integrity, we are walking in completeness and fullness in the morals that the Lord has instructed us to live by.  With every problem we have, the Bible has an answer to them all.  There isn’t anything that the enemy comes against us that the Lord doesn’t already have a plan for escape.

T –        Trust
When we have trust, we have hope in all that the Lord has promised in the Bible and wait on Him to deliver on His time.   When we trust, we have to be ready to practice patience.

Trust towards someone takes time to develop.  Healthy relationships don’t become that way because of a drive-by experience.  It takes time to mold and build.  The same way it is with the Lord.  He is ALWAYS ready to receive us and all we have to do is go to Him.  We may be skeptical in the beginning but the more time is spent with Him, the more the trust is being built and it grows.

H –       Humble
When we are humble, we are not prideful or arrogant.  We recognize that we cannot make it through the day without the Lord.  We allow the Lord to increase so that we can decrease from all our unrighteousness.  We become transparent and allow the Lord to be apparent in our lives.

As we look at circumstances that we need a dose of faith to jumpstart the manifestations of the goodness of the Lord, medicate on F-A-I-T-H.  Then, we will see the greatness of what He is all about.


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