May 30th

Shake It Up And Shake It Off

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Shake It Up And Shake It Off

Good Day!

As the Lord spoke to Abram He said, “Leave your country, your relatives and your father’s family. Go to the land I will show you” (Gen. 12:1). The Lord continues in the preceding verses to tell Abram of his blessing, if he’s obedient and leaves (verse 2-3).

When the Lord gives us instructions, He’s very specific and detailed with His Words. He may not give us the full picture but the immediate information will be complete and precise. It’s so important to pay attention to detail because this can be a matter of a delayed blessing, a warning for us to prevent, or a lesson to be learned. We can miss an opportunity if we are not in tune.

We see in the following verses that Abram decides to take his nephew Lot
(verse 4). What could have been going through his mind to ask him to go, after the Lord provided explicit instructions? Do we listen precisely to what the Lord says or do we add or subtract what we think we should do? We think we are helping the Lord by doing this but we are hindering our progress. We try to help out others to pass a blessing to someone else or just be nice and lend someone a hand to help them progress in life. But in this instance, the Lord wasn’t thinking about Lot. The blessing was specifically for Abram and Sarai.

“Then the Lord appeared to Abram and said, I will give this land to your posterity.
So Abram built an altar there to the Lord, Who had appeared to him” (Gen. 12:7) We see in this verse that the Lord continues to speak to Abram in regards to his blessing that is to come forth. When the Lord speaks it to us, it will come to pass.

“And there was strife between the herdsmen of Abram’s cattle and the herdsmen of Lot’s cattle. And the Canaanite and the Perizzite were dwelling then in the land [making fodder more difficult to obtain]” (Gen. 13:7). We start to see arguing among the family’s herdsmen in regards to not enough nourishment for the cattle. Abram begs Lot to separate from him and his camp so that there wouldn’t be any more arguing and allowed Lot to pick whatever area he wanted (verse 8-9). Lot decides to go to the best land he could see and departed from Abram
(verse 10-11).

Abram, from the kindness of his heart, probably wanted to give Lot an opportunity to go with him and reap all the things that the Lord spoke to him about. But we can see how that wasn’t the Lord’s plan. But Abram decided to take a part of his past, being Lot, into his future.

Do we still hold onto things from the past and try to bring it into our future? This can be people, things,or thoughts. Are we holding onto bad experiences?

  • Ex-boyfriend/Ex-marriage?
  • Someone who hurt you in 1910?
  • You didn’t receive that promotion you knew you deserved?
  • Etc.

Let’s make a decision today to SHAKE IT UP and SHAKE IT OFF! This means to take that thing (whatever it may be), spiritually put it in your hand, bring it to the foot of the Cross of Jesus Christ, leave it there, and don’t pick it up again. Jesus, will then, have the privilege to pick it up and work it out for your good. This is when we’ll see that door being opened and we can enter into a new opportunity.


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