May 30th

Seven Qualities Of A Wealthy Person

Good Day,

I was watching a PBS show a few nights ago and Suze Orman was talking about the “Seven Qualities of a Wealthy Woman.” I personally don’t believe these qualities pertain to women only and am sharing these with the men as well.

As I wrote the qualities down on a piece of paper, the Lord started to speak about a few things that I would like to share with you.

What Suze said:

1) Harmony
2) Balance
Thoughts, words, actions, and feelings are all in sync. When all this
equals out then you have balance.Are we thinking, saying, acting, and feeling the same things? We could be thinking one thing but saying another. If there isn’t a harmonization with the four action verbs above, we will be an imbalanced individual.
3) Courage
Emotion that can quiet your fear. Fear keeps you from acting.
You’re a warrior and don’t turn your back on the battlefield. You
have power when you have courage.
4) Generosity
A gift to the receiver and giver. You are empowered by what
you’re doing. Be generous to yourself and to others.
5) Happiness
Essential. People want to be around you.
6) Beauty (Inner strength)
You feel confident. You know your worth and power.
7) Wisdom
Make wise choices based on the other six


The word “harmony” wasn’t in the Strong’s concordance but Webster’s dictionary defines harmony as internal calm, tranquility.

Mark 4:39 (AMP)
And He arose and rebuked the wind and said to the sea, Hush now! Be still (muzzled)! And the wind ceased (sank to rest as if exhausted by its beating) and there was [immediately] a great calm (a perfect peacefulness).

As Jesus and His disciples were crossing the lake on the boat, a storm began and the seas started to roar and the waves were beating the boat. When He was awaken by the disciples, He quieted down the seas. The Lord wants us to be like the calm sea. Not roaring every time a problem comes our way but calm so that we can make good decisions.

Daniel 4:27 (AMP)
Therefore, O king, let my counsel be acceptable to you; break off your sins and show the reality of your repentance by righteousness (right standing with God and moral and spiritual rectitude and rightness in every area and relation) and liberate yourself from your iniquities by showing mercy and loving-kindness to the poor and oppressed, that [if the king will repent] there may possibly be a continuance and lengthening of your peace and tranquility and a healing of your error.

Daniel was counseling King Nebuchadnezzar under the guidance of the Holy Spirit and gave him specific instructions on what to do next to have tranquility. But like some of us do, the King didn’t heed to Daniel’s counsel, continued following his old ways, and so all that was prophesied came to pass.

Proverbs 16:11 (AMP)
A just balance and scales are the Lord’s; all the weights of the bag are His work [established on His eternal principles].

Proverbs 11:1 (AMP)
A FALSE balance and unrighteous dealings are extremely offensive and shamefully sinful to the Lord, but a just weight is His delight.

The Lord wants all of us to have a balanced life. Too much of anything is bad for us and so He requires an even balance of mind, spirit, and soul to accomplish all that we are called to do.


Deuteronomy 31:6-7 (AMP)
6Be strong, courageous, and firm; fear not nor be in terror before them, for it is the Lord your God Who goes with you; He will not fail you or forsake you. 7And Moses called to Joshua and said to him in the sight of all Israel, Be strong, courageous, and firm, for you shall go with this people into the land which the Lord has sworn to their fathers to give them, and you shall cause them to possess it.

As Moses was in the process of transferring his leadership to Joshua, he wanted to express to the people not to have fear but to be courageous as the time has come for the promise of the Israelites to be fulfilled; to possess the land of milk and honey. If they had allowed fear to enter their hearts, they probably would have been another 40 years in the wilderness but they took heed to the counsel of Moses and took courage as they battled their way through the lands.

When the blessing and that promise is getting ready to manifest itself, the devil will try to bombard you with so much fear. He’ll use all he got to make you crumble, but we have to be courageous and walk in His strength and see it unfold before your eyes.

The devil will fight you when everyone else thinks you’re a nobody. Why? Because he knows if we’ve given our life to Jesus and walking in His destiny, we are building the Kingdom. The devil knows the potential of Kingdom focused people. He’ll play those mind games with you and you’ll have no idea where all these thoughts are coming from. Take hold of that thought immediately and rebuke it in the name of Jesus. Or you may have people acting crazy on you, just smile and walk away! Be courageous and move on!


Webster’s dictionary describes generosity as: the quality or fact of beinggenerous, a generous act, or abundance <great generosity of spirit>.

2 Corinthians 9:7 (AMP)
Let each one [give] as he has made up his own mind and purposed in his heart, not reluctantly or sorrowfully or under compulsion, for God loves (He takes pleasure in, prizes above other things, and is unwilling to abandon or to do without) a cheerful (joyous, “prompt to do it”) giver [whose heart is in his giving].

Luke 6:38 (AMP)
Give, and [gifts] will be given to you; good measure, pressed down, shaken together, and running over, will they pour into [the pouch formed by] the bosom [of your robe and used as a bag]. For with the measure you deal out [with the measure you use when you confer benefits on others], it will be measured back to you.

The scripture starts with the word “Give.” Then it continues with explaining what happens when we give. Don’t be afraid to be a cheerful giver. The Lord loves to see us help others in any way. Whether it’s your time or your money; the Lord takes note and He will give back to you what you have sown into the Kingdom. Just remember when God gives back to you, it will be the best. He’s not a chimsy giver, He goes all out for us and He expects the same when we do it to others.


These following three words are very important. Some may say that they basically mean the same thing. But let’s see what we can find out.

Happiness – a pleasurable or satisfying experience

How do we feel happiness? Someone makes us laugh, we have a good day at work, our children behave today, and our spouses didn’t offend us.

Happiness is a temporal feeling, emotion that stays just for awhile then it’s replaced by other emotions that come your way.

Joy – the prospect of possessing what one desires
Peace – in a state of concord or tranquility

Joy and Peace allows us to be in a permanent state of mind. Regardless of what’s going around us, we can have joy and peace through Jesus. But that’s the key ingredient; staying in that permanent realm. How do we stay in joy and peace? We have to trust the Lord in all the areas of our life. Not just give him a part of our life, we have to give all of it. Trusting Him when we have no idea how it’s going to turn out, trusting Him when all odds are against us, and trusting Him when you’re that close to everything falling apart. TRUST!!!! As we allow Him to work it all out, he’ll give us the love, joy, and peace to endure. He’ll give us the love to love others when you thought it impossible to love.

Nehemiah 8:10 (AMP) …for the joy of the Lord is your strength and stronghold.

John 14:27 (AMP)
Peace I leave with you; My [own] peace I now give and bequeath to you. Not as the world gives do I give to you. Do not let your hearts be troubled, neither let them be afraid. [Stop allowing yourselves to be agitated and disturbed; and do not permit yourselves to be fearful and intimidated and cowardly and unsettled.]

Psalm 126:5 (AMP)
They who sow in tears shall reap in joy and singing.

If you’re having a bad day, cry your heart’s content, praise Him, tell Him what’s on your mind and know that He will cover you with joy and peace.

Isaiah 30:18 (AMP)
And therefore the Lord [earnestly] waits [expecting, looking, and longing] to be gracious to you; and therefore He lifts Himself up, that He may have mercy on you and show loving-kindness to you. For the Lord is a God of justice. Blessed (happy, fortunate, to be envied) are all those who [earnestly] wait for Him, who expect and look and long for Him [for His victory, His favor, His love, His peace, His joy, and His matchless, unbroken companionship]!

1 Corinthians 14:33 (AMP)
For He [Who is the source of their prophesying] is not a God of confusion and disorder but of peace and order. As [is the practice] in all the churches of the saints (God’s people)


What type of beauty matters most? The outer or inner beauty of yourself?

Outer beauty – Consists of the appearance of what people see on a daily basis. It’s the body and face that you were born with.

Inner beauty – Consists of what you’re made of inside of you; your heart and mind.

Proverbs 31:30 (AMP)
Charm and grace are deceptive, and beauty is vain [because it is not lasting], but a woman who reverently and worshipfully fears the Lord, she shall be praised!

In other words, you may be the most beautiful person on the outer and have an inner beauty as rotten as they can come or you may not be so attractive on the outer but have a “heart as gold” in the inner part of you. A persons inner beauty is most important to the Lord.

1 Peter 3:4 (AMP)
But let it be the inward adorning and beauty of the hidden person of the heart, with the incorruptible and unfading charm of a gentle and peaceful spirit, which [is not anxious or wrought up, but] is very precious in the sight of God.

The Lord is looking at what is happening inside of you not what humans can see with their natural eyes. He looks deep into the root of the heart and knows the true motives of everything. Though we can fool man, we can never fool God.


What is wisdom?

James 3:17 (AMP)
But the wisdom from above is first of all pure (undefiled); then it is peace-loving, courteous (considerate, gentle). [It is willing to] yield to reason, full of compassion and good fruits; it is wholehearted and straightforward, impartial and unfeigned (free from doubts, wavering, and insincerity).

How do we receive wisdom?

James 1:5 (AMP)
If any of you is deficient in wisdom, let him ask of [Literal translation.] the giving God [Who gives] to everyone liberally and ungrudgingly, without reproaching or faultfinding, and it will be given him.

Wisdom allows us to speak words that otherwise wouldn’t exist in our tongues, gives us understanding of situations otherwise we could not see, and shows us when to speak out and when to be quiet. We edify ourselves and others instead of breaking individuals down. Godly wisdom puts any other knowledge to shame because His wisdom surpasses all knowledge.

Proverbs 21:30 (AMP)
There is no [human] wisdom or understanding or counsel [that can prevail] against the Lord.

Proverbs 4:7 (AMP)
The beginning of Wisdom is: get Wisdom (skillful and godly Wisdom)! [For skillful and godly Wisdom is the principal thing.] And with all you have gotten, get understanding (discernment, comprehension, and interpretation).

I just experienced something profound for me and I would like to share with you. A few days ago I was in distress about a situation and didn’t know how to handle it. I wanted to speak to someone about it but didn’t know who. Thought about talking to someone that can be biased about the whole thing and so I thought, “Hey, I can talk to a counselor, get advice of the situation, and then I can move on!” As I made the phone call to speak to someone, I left voicemail, and hung up the phone. As I hung up, an overwhelming feeling came upon me. I knew the Lord was grieving. How did I know? Just as you have a close connection with someone and even though you may be hundred of miles away, you know when it’s time to give that person a call because something is just not right with your spirit. Well, I had that same feeling. Then the Lord started to speak to me and asked, “Why do you want to speak to someone else when you can talk to me. I know everything and can give you the best advice. You’re going to someone else who has their own baggage, their own sinful ways. I’m perfect and can tell you exactly what to do.” At that moment, I repented and started to cry. He was right! I needed to depend on Him and wait for His guidance. But because of my impatience, I wanted an answer now. Sure enough, the Lord started to speak to me and told me to Trust Him first then love would flow through me to others.

There are times that we say we trust the Lord but we only give Him certain compartments of our lives and decide to handle others. But in order for the Lord to work fully in every aspect, we have to give Him EVERYTHING!

1 Corinthians 2:5 (AMP)
So that your faith might not rest in the wisdom of men (human philosophy), but in the power of God.


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