Scripture – Psalm 119:105 (January)

Scripture – Psalm 119:105


Good Morning,

As I was thinking on a third scripture to send out, an anonymous reader emailed their interpretation of the following verse.  I was blessed by the words and pray that you will be blessed as well.

Psalm 119:105
Thy word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path.

Lamp – I think about the fact that it gives off this spherical light that spreads in all directions but doesn’t shine at great focused distances.  If I am near the lamp I can see everything near its field of light including my feet.  When I shine the lamp’s light on my feet, I can see where I’m standing.
With a light or a flashlight/headlights, the beams of light are focused to become one beam which radiates out towards a long focused distance in the dark especially if you need to see where you are going along the path.

Thy word–God’s Word–His instruction manual–The Bible–The Word–In the beginning was the Word–Word with God–Word was God–Jesus Christ–The light of the world.

John 8:12 – …I am the light of the world…he that followeth me shall not walk into darkness.

Okay the text is opening up more for me letting me know that if I follow Jesus at his word, following his instruction, then I will know where I stand and where I am going.  Of course the opposite holds truth in that if I don’t follow Him then I am in darkness and I will have no clue where I stand or where I am going.  For some they are so used to the darkness and grown accustomed to the dark mazed box that they continue to circle around in but are so clueless to its external features and what truly lies outside that box.  Some have seen the light but don’t want too get to close because they have distorted views about the light from others in the darkness.  Others are just plain old distracted by their curiosity with the experience of the dark (Everyone’s has to be a scientist, yet they don’t want to get the education.  Human problem-smh).

Anyway the short version is that if you truly want to see where you stand and where you are going draw close to Jesus (the light and the lamp), listen to his instruction, be in the word, and follow it to where he says it will lead you.

God created us in an amazing way.  We are able to see where we stand and see our path at the same time.  Its a complex multisensory/multiorganic process, but yet we just do it when we are in a well lit place.  (eg.  Check out the gymnasts on the balance beam)

The word is the basis of all truth and it will help us through every situation.


Bev Vassell
The Word Exchange Ministries
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