Scripture – Luke 1:37 (February)

Scripture – Luke 1:37

Luke 1:37 (KJV)

For Nothing Is Impossible for God

The scripture above is one of my all time favorites. It was probably the first I recited as I started my walk with the Lord.

It was important to me to understand that whatever negativity came my way, the Lord could remove it. As I started to mature in the Word, I realized, at times, the Lord wasn’t going to remove the hard things in life. This is the opportunities of being molded, stretched, and put back together again as a new creature.

Some of us learn lessons easily, but there are others that have to go around the mountain over and over.

As I look back on situations that were very difficult in my life, and saw how God got me through it, it was the most blessed outcome of all. I’ve had many small victories that I’m so grateful for. But it’s those victories that I had to stay in the dark the longest that has had such an impact in my life.

There were nights of crying all alone and having no one to talk with; but God. Other times, I would receive Word from Him that was against every grain of my flesh. But I knew regardless of what my flesh was fighting, God was right and I had to obey His Word. Those were the most challenging and best victories.

There were days when I walked around with my heart torn apart, but kept a smiling face so no one could see how hurt I really was. Then, go into hiding to shed a tear or two and again come out with a smiling face; those were the greatest victories.

Asking the Lord, “Why me?” And getting a response somewhat like, “I’m right here for you my child, you will get through this, or I need to strengthen you in this area.” Those were the greatest victories.

Looking around me and seeing the gloom of my circumstance; not being able to see a way out. The only hope I had was in Jesus not knowing where the next turn would be; if good or bad. Those were the greatest victories.
When you’re ready to give up, throw in the towel, and walk away from what God has ordained to occur, think twice. The pain, hurt, and suffering is all worth it when you allow God to work it all out.

NOTHING but NOTHING is too hard for God.