May 30th

Queen Of Sheba

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Queen Of Sheba

Good Day!

Psalm 90:12 (AMP)
So teach us to number our days, that we may get us a heart of wisdom.

The Queen of Sheba was getting news of the famous Solomon in Jerusalem. She heard all the stories of his success and the wisdom that was bestowed upon him by the Lord. The details of the greatness of the temple and palace he had built were unimaginable to explain. Her curiosity was getting the best of her so she decided to take a trip and meet this man of God.

I Kings 10:1 (AMP)
WHEN THE queen of Sheba heard of [the constant connection of] the fame of Solomon with the name of the Lord, she came to prove him with hard questions (problems and riddles).

The queen was a pagan queen and wisdom intrigued her. She was ruling over Sheba and was successful and powerful in her own region.

When we are conducting something well in our life and competition is in the midsts, we sometimes want to check out how it compares to us. Apparently, she wanted to confirm what all the talk was about.

She arrives in Jerusalem with lots of gifts for Solomon and they both commune and talk about their kingdoms, probably discuss politics and religion, and enjoy each others company. After much questions she asks him, she gets to a point that he’s answered all her questions and she sits in awe of the wisdom he emanates.

I Kings 10:7 (AMP)
I did not believe it until I came and my eyes had seen. Behold, the half was not told me. You have added wisdom and goodness exceeding the fame I heard.

She was completely full and satisfied with what she saw and heard. It was more than what she had expected. This is the same response we will receive when we follow our Lord. We can ask all the questions we want, come with whatever problems we have, and expect to be filled with the response He gives us.

The wisdom of God is so powerful that He will always position our life appropriately and move us to where we need to be. We shouldn’t have to be second guessing what we need to do next. Just as Sheba went to Solomon with all her hard questions, likewise we can go to Christ with ours.

We can’t come wimpy to Him. We have to come humbly and boldly….. Expect…. Then implement what He has said to do.

We can assume that when Sheba went back to her region, she remembered all that Solomon spoke about and implemented some of his ideas. He was the wisest man on Earth that ever lived. Our Lord is much more than Solomon and we are guaranteed that His ways are best for us.

Let’s be like the Queen of Sheba who came boldly to the source of wisdom. As she expected to receive what she went there for and came with the most lavish gifts to Solomon, it exceeded much more than what she could ever imagine.

Our lavish gifts to the Lord should be in thanksgiving, praises, and giving toward the things that will further the Lord’s Gospel. God doesn’t ask for material gifts but for obedience and appreciation that comes from the heart!


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