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Naaman The Leper

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Naaman The Leper

Good Day,

II Kings 5:1 (AMP)
NAAMAN, COMMANDER of the army of the king of Syria, was a great man with his master, accepted [and acceptable], because by him the Lord had given victory to Syria. He was also a mighty man of valor, but he was a leper.

As we read the scripture above, Naaman had many good qualities.  He was a

  • Commander
  • A great man
  • Accepted and acceptable
  • Mighty man of valor
  • He had favor as the Lord gave him victory to Syria

But what was wrong with him?  He was a leper.  What did it mean to be a leper in those days?

Historically, leprosy has been greatly feared because it causes visible disfigurement and disability, was incurable, and was commonly believed to be highly contagious.  People were afraid to be around lepers and when they were struck by this disease, this person was taken away to a leper colony and forgotten until their death.

Out of all this darkness, there was a little light among Naaman’s household.  She was an Israelite who was a maid of Naaman’s wife.  She told her mistress that there was a prophet in Samaria that could heal him from his leprosy.  Naaman told the king what the maid had communicated to his wife; the king responded.

II Kings 5:5 (AMP)
And the king of Syria said, Go now, and I will send a letter to the king of Israel. And he departed and took with him ten talents of silver, 6000 shekels of gold, and ten changes of raiment.

When the king of Israel received the letter, his first thoughts were that the king of Syria was trying to quarrel.  How did he expect the king of Israel to cure Naaman?  What kind of power did he think he had?  He must have thought that he was insane!  He tore his clothes as if blasphemous to the name of the Lord.  But this wasn’t about him.  It was his duty as a king to delegate this issue to the prophet of the day.

The maid mentioned a prophet in Samaria that could help Naaman; not the king.  Was Naaman too prestigious to talk with Elisha?  He was going to the wrong person to receive his healing.

With medical technology advanced as it is today, we expect this industry to be the gods of our life.  We go to the doctor with our aches and pains and expect to be cured by a magic pill.  We have to realize that many medications mask the problem and don’t resolve the issue.  Before I get chastised for this statement, read it again; I said “many” not “all.”  There is a lot to say for the medical industry and millions that have been helped through this means.  But then, we look at the other side of the spectrum and see how many have been sicker from medications and operations that were performed.

Instead of taking the approach of allowing the body to heal itself and eating the proper foods to heal the process, we run for a quick fix so we can move on with our fast paced lifestyle.

II Kings 5:8 (AMP)
When Elisha the man of God heard that the king of Israel had rent his clothes, he sent to the king, asking, Why have you rent your clothes? Let Naaman come now to me and he shall know that there is a prophet in Israel.

As Elisha stepped in quickly to help cure the poisoned pot of stew, we see him again inquiring about the king.

Naaman came to Elisha’s door and Gehazi, Elisha’s servant, came out to meet him and gave him specific instructions

  • Go to the Jordan River
  • Wash in it seven times

After you do this,

  • Your flesh shall be restored
  • You shall be clean

This was exciting news! He will finally be healed from his ailment.  All he had to do is be obedient to the instructions.  That seems simple enough.  But what happened next?

II Kings 5:11 (AMP)
But Naaman was angry and went away and said, Behold, I thought he would surely come out to me and stand and call on the name of the Lord his God, and wave his hand over the place and heal the leper.

He was angry!  He expected and wanted it done his way.  Could you imagine, you are standing in front of someone who is going to heal you from a sickness that you’ve been dealing with for quite some time.  You’re at the footsteps of the one that can heal.  But your expectation of how it should happen is not in agreement with how you think it should be?  It sounds absurd, doesn’t it?  Well… let’s check ourselves.  How many times do we expect something to go a certain way and we get upset when it doesn’t go exactly our own way.  We set up ridiculous expectations and anticipate others to accomplish that expectation for us.  Take a step further… How have we lost a healing from hurt feelings, physical ailment, spiritual renewal, because we thought this is the way is should be?  We need to allow the Holy Spirit to take control of the situation and take you through His miraculous ways.  You know it’s the Lord working when His hands are in the midst because it’s unlike anything else.  Sometimes He’s subtle and other times he comes in like a storm.  But it’s always unprecedented!

Naaman questions how cleaner and better other rivers are than the Jordan and walks away in a rage.  His servants talk to him and try to persuade that the prophet knows what he’s talking about.  They ask him if the prophet had asked him to do some great thing, wouldn’t he had done it?  Then why not just do this simple task?

This comment obviously made Naaman think about it.  He went to the Jordan River and dipped in it seven times.  He came out with his flesh restored like a little child and he was clean!

He dipped in the Jordan seven times…  The number seven in the Bible is a symbol of completion and perfection.  Naaman had surely reached the end of his ailment.

I have recently had a Naaman experience I would like to share.  I’ve had lower back problems since the birth of my first child.  For the longest time, I attributed the cause of aches from the epidural that was given during the labor process.  For the next nine years, I dealt with pains, pinched nerves, numbness of legs, and various other problems.  I wouldn’t succumb to the medications and did my best to work around the issues.

After the healing of the hypothyroid, one morning, I asked the Lord why hadn’t he healed me from my lower back pains.  In the past, whenever I asked him to make it better, He would.  He would tell me what to do and if I was obedient, it would work.  I’m not sure why I made the request and why it took so long to request healing, but I did…  His answer was as simple and honest as can be… I never ASKED!!!!  I was so shocked!  I said, “I never asked?????!!!!!.”  He said it again, “You never asked.”  This was such a revelation to me.  I recall speaking out the scripture, “By Your Stripes I Am Healed”, many times when I was in pain.  And I guess when I proclaimed that promise to the Lord, it was for that moment and not to be completely healed forever.  “WOW!!!!”, I thought.

I received a great revelation and was going to act on it.  I started to ask the Lord for healing of my lower back and full restoration.  The Lord didn’t tell me that my request was granted or “your wish is my command.”  There wasn’t any big to do miracle as Naaman expected.  The Lord was quiet.  When He’s quiet then I know I need to be patient and He is aligning everything to allow my back to be healed.  This is when I try to pay close attention to detail; as He’s told me to do in the past, because something was coming.

My husband was at Church one Saturday and told me about a cooking class that was starting up locally; he urged me to attend.  He thought I would enjoy it and get a chance to try new things.  I attended and had a great time.  During one of these sessions, a chiropractor was talking about a topic and I decided to make an appointment and meet with him during the week.

My first visit to the chiropractor was interesting.  I explained my issues and he took an x-tray of the spine.  The doctor asked if I would consider a type of physical therapy.  I looked at him with a grim face because I had already gone that route and it didn’t work for me.  He assured me that it was a different type of therapy.  He proceeded to show me what I would do three times a week for the next six weeks.  I had to be committed to the appointments and follow instructions.

I came back two days later to discuss the results of the x-ray.  It turned out that the natural curve that everyone has in their neck, I didn’t have.  My neck was completely straight.  This was causing pressure on the hip; I was always functioning with a misaligned hip.  This was great news because the doctor diagnosed the problem.  The sad part of all this was that I was going to a chiropractor for 14 years being maintained and thought this would be the way of life.

I decided to dedicate six weeks and put the best effort into the therapy.  I was a little pessimistic about the therapy and decided to stop exercising during this time.  I wanted to confirm that my back problems would be relieved without any assistance of exercise.  I would start up after the six week program.

The next six weeks was a daily recuperation; with every session I felt better.  At the end, it was time for another x-ray to see how the spine was doing.  I was anxious for the results and waited patiently for the x-ray to complete.  The doctor put it on the screen and I walked in to see the results.

As I looked at my neck, I compared it to a neck degeneration chart in the room.  My neck looked beautiful.  I had a textbook neck and it even looked nicer than the example shown on the chart.

I never thought I could feel so good at this age of my life.  But by the grace of God, I feel better than I have ever felt.

As I look back on how the Lord set everything up for my healing, He gave me the opportunity.  I could have rejected the process He was putting me through, but I decided to give the doctor a chance to prove to me that he could help in my healing process.

What opportunities are you opening and closing in your life?  Are you expecting your healing to go one way and the Lord is giving you simple steps to follow another way?  Not all healings are going to be a WOW experience.  We have to pay attention to detail and follow the leading of the Holy Spirit.


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