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King Ahab And Micaiah

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King Ahab And Micaiah

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There was peace in the land for three years with Syria and Israel, when King Ahab remembers there’s a piece of land that was promised to him by the king of Syria.  He asks Jehoshaphat, king of Judah, to join him in the battle and to recover Ramoth-gilead.  Jehoshaphat agrees but would like to hear what the prophets say about it; he asks Ahab to consult the prophets.  Ahab gathers his 400 men to give him a word of advice.  They all agree that Ahab should fight and it will be delivered to him.

Jehoshaphat has doubts of their answer and so he asks is there another?  He knew these prophets were there to please Ahab and not so much to prophecy from the Lord.  Did these prophets fear Ahab and Jezebel to the extent that they preferred to use the Lord’s name and lie in the prophetic Word?  All the while pleasing man instead of pleasing the Lord?

How are we being tested that we can see that a decision of pleasing man or God is eminent?  Every day we have an opportunity to choose to walk down the path of man’s journey or God’s.  What are we doing/saying and where are we going?

There is one prophet by the name of Micaiah who is known to always prophesy evil against Ahab.  Jehoshaphat wants to hear from him and they bring him to hear his word.

All along Ahab’s prophets are prophesying to him and urging him to go into battle.  While this is happening, a messenger calls upon Micaiah and informs him what’s going on.  He urges him to prophesy the same.  But Micaiah tells him he will speak what the Lord tells him.  He’s not going to add or take away from the Word of the Lord.

I Kings 22:15 (AMP)
So he came to the king. King [Ahab] said, Micaiah, shall we go against Ramoth-gilead to battle, or shall we hold back? And he answered, Go and prosper, for the Lord will deliver it into the king’s hand.

We see that Micaiah doesn’t say, “Thus says the Lord.”  He says, “Go…”  But which king is he talking about?  Ahab or the king of Syria?  Ahab gets upset with him and charges him to tell him the truth… In the name of the Lord!

Micaiah begins to tell them a vision.  When he is done, Ahab confirms to Jehoshaphat that all he tells him is evil; nothing good ever comes out of his mouth.  But in reality, Micaiah is speaking the unpopular and true message from the Lord.

When the Lord gives us a Word to speak to someone, do we add or take away from what He says or do we give the exact Words that was given to us.  We have a responsibility to give the exact Words because the Lord has entrusted us to give the Word to give to others.  If we’re not careful, we can assist the enemy to fulfill his plan.  It’s very important to hear and project the same things.

The same goes with the one receiving the message.  We have to make sure we understand what’s being said and then confirm it by asking the Lord.

Micaiah continues with another vision explaining that all Ahab’s prophets are prophesying through a lying spirit.  Can you imagine, 400 prophets prophesying the same words and one prophet prophesies something completely different.  As children of the Lord, we stand alone at times and have to speak an unpopular Word or behave unlike everyone else.  It’s not easy, as we watch ourselves standing against the odds.  It’s easier to go with the flow and do what everyone else does.  Do we do what everyone else is doing or do we stand for the Lord and do what He wants us to do?

The story ends as Ahab and Jehoshaphat go to battle.  The ironic part of the story is how Ahab dies.  He disguises himself not to allow his opponents to recognize him and asks Jehoshaphat to put on his royal clothing; in hopes to trick the Syrians.  When they see Jehoshaphat, they charge after him but he cries out letting them know he isn’t Ahab; they retreat.

Ahab is struck with a bow randomly and is wounded; eventually dying later in the day.  This fulfilled the prophesy Micaiah made to Ahab.

Joshua 1:9 (AMP)
Have not I commanded you? Be strong, vigorous, and very courageous. Be not afraid, neither be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.



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