May 30th

Healing At It’s Own Time – Part III

Good Day!

Isaiah 38:16 (NLT)
Lord, your discipline is good, for it leads to life and health.  You restore my health
and allow me to live!

Over the summer, I experienced excessive pain in my feet which caused me to slow down for hours at a time.  After spending several months trying to figure out the cause, I knew that it wasn’t going away and I would have to seek medical care.

I went to several doctors to get a diagnosis.  When I was told what I had, the only resolution was to get injected with cortisone shot for one issue and an operation for the other.

I wasn’t satisfied with the doctors’ report. Hence, I continued to search for a doctor that would help me to recover naturally.  I knew that it would probably be more painful, but I was ready for the challenge.

At first, I thought the devil was attacking me because of the timing of the incident.  But after going to the Lord, He showed me that it wasn’t the devil bothering me, it was my disobedience on a Word the Lord gave me three years prior.

If I had stayed in obedience to that Word, I would have prevented all the pain I was going through at this time of my life.  As soon as all was revealed to me, I recall acting like David when his son died.


II Samuel 12:19 (AMP)
But when David saw that his servants whispered, he perceived that the child was dead. So he said to them, Is the child dead? And they said, He is.

King David acknowledged the fact that his son died.  We need to do the same when revelation comes to us.  Acknowledge the truth and the fact and go onto the next step.  He didn’t continue to mourn for the child.  He fasted and prayed while the child was alive, pleading to the Lord for his life.  Once the child died, what was there to plead for?  The child was at rest and life was moving on.

I recall saying to myself, “Bev, you have to do something about this situation.”  The Word the Lord gave me three years prior would come to my mind, I would start the process, but then other things would come up and I would go back into what was easier and quicker.  Eventually, I forgot what I was originally supposed to do and became content in that area of my life.  I wasn’t happy or comfortable with it, but I made room for it and put boundaries around it so that I wouldn’t go beyond it; it became a habit.

When I asked the Lord and He responded, I knew that it couldn’t be delayed any longer and I had to make a change.  I knew in that moment that I couldn’t move forward into my destiny unless I started to do it differently.  What the doctors were saying was not in accordance to what the Lord had been speaking to my spirit in regards to my destiny.  I didn’t allow confusion to settle in.

People get to this point in their life and sometimes allow man to over rule what the Lord has said.  This is where we get ourselves in trouble.  The Lord’s Word has to take precedence over what man is trying to dictate in someone’s life.  When we believe man over God, we get into a host of unnecessary trouble.

I clearly knew and understood my next steps.  Would I follow the advice of the doctors or would I make a change and follow the Lord?

My one desire is to please my Father and to walk in where He wants me to go.  I want to fulfill all that He has planned for me.  That includes my physical wellness; but I wasn’t well.  My feet would swell up after standing less than an hour.  Then, there would be a host of painful aches that came afterwards.

I had to acknowledge that I went wrong and I had to get back on His path.  My original plan was not going to be good enough for God.  I had to step back into His original plan and travel with Him.

There will be times that God will allow certain things in your life to linger.  But don’t think that you won’t have to deal with it some time in the future.

When God wants us to be righteous, He will mold us little by little.  Stripping away the bad and replacing it with His good.  I had to acknowledge that I couldn’t carry this any more and asked the Lord to help me.

God is merciful and He knows that habits are not easy to break.  He will take His time with you, but when He says, “Enough is enough”, be ready for some action.

Thanksgiving and Praise

II Samuel 12:20 (AMP)
Then David arose from the floor, washed, anointed himself, changed his apparel, and went into the house of the Lord and worshiped. Then he came to his own house, and when he asked, they set food before him, and he ate.

David knew it was time to move forward.  He accepted what happened and didn’t dwell in it.  Was he mourning and hurting inside? Most likely!  But he knew that dwelling in that state would do no good for him and everyone else around him.

Like David, I dusted off my feet, started to make a mental map to recover, and put a plan in place based on what the Lord said three years ago.  I didn’t pity myself.  On the contrary, I was hard on myself and realized that I had to back off of me.  I was physically limited, but my mind was unlimited.  I had to slow down my thinking and brain waves so that my physical could catch up.  Once I aligned them both, I was able to move forward.

Healing On It’s Way

II  Samuel 12:24 (AMP)
David comforted Bathsheba his wife, and went to her and lay with her; and she bore a son, and she called his name Solomon. And the Lord loved [the child]…

God was merciful to David and allowed him to bear a child with Bathsheba.  He became the father of the most wise man in the world, Solomon (Jedidiah).

I set my mind to follow His Word on a Wednesday.  By Friday of the same week, I started to feel God heal my feet step by step.  Once I went back into agreement with the Lord, I was doing my part and He was doing His part.  Everything was coming into place again.

I recall the Lord saying, “I would be joyful if ONE soul was saved.”  For me that was profound because He cares even for the one person out of 6 billion people on Earth. He cares for you and me as individuals.  He cares for my aches and pains, and all the little things that are important to me.

He loves us so much that He gave His only begotten son; He sacrificed Himself for us.

In this situation, it was all about obedience.  It’s a beautiful, challenging, and powerful word all at the same time.

What’s preventing you from your healing?  Search it out and then go into the path the Lord is calling you to do.

Acts 4:10 (NAS)
let it be known to all of you and to all the people of Israel, that by the name of Jesus Christ the Nazarene, whom you crucified, whom God raised from the dead–by this name this man stands here before you in good health.



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