May 30th

Healing At It’s Own Time – Part II

Good Day!

There was a man named Lazarus who was very sick; he was a very good friend of Jesus.  His sisters, Mary and Martha, decided to call upon Him to heal their brother from his ailment.  Jesus loved this family dearly.  When He was told what was going on, He responded:

John 11:4 (AMP)
When Jesus received the message, He said, This sickness is not to end in death; but [on the contrary] it is to honor God and to promote His glory, that the Son of God may be glorified through (by) it.

Jesus didn’t run to Lazarus to heal him.  He was going to glorify and honor God through Lazarus’ illness.  He was going to use him as an example.

Can we look back in time or maybe in the present and see how God may have used you as an example?  Not because we’ve sinned or disobeyed, but because He knew you would be an example to show others how faith works?  How through any situation, we can come through victoriously?  We may go through pain and disappointment, but we fight the spiritual battle and come out at the other end smiling!

We don’t know how Lazarus’ behavior was during the illness.  Did he complain, murmur, or did he stay positive during this time?

The Bible says that Jesus held this family in loving esteem.  But even after the message was delivered to Him, He stayed where He was another two days.  He was in no hurry to see Lazarus.

What Jesus was about to do was not to be constrained by time or place.  He was going to glorify God through this and it would be done when the Master saw it appropriately to do.

Many of us get discouraged when our healing doesn’t come quickly.  Don’t be dismayed when this happens.  Continue praying, fasting, and allowing the Lord to work it through.  This time should be used to get deeper in the Word and bask in His presence.  Far too often, we allow the enemy to move in our lives when we get discouraged, frustrated, and impatient.

With every pain, give God the glory for His protection.  With every mishap, lift your hands in praises.  With every delay, thank the Lord for what’s coming ahead. Then turn around and help someone else who is having a harder day than you.  Your gloomy experience won’t seem as bad as your neighbors’.

When the Lord glorifies Himself, He’s going to make sure it’s beyond human comprehension.  All the rules of mankind will get thrown out the window and it leaves individuals in awe.  Those who don’t believe call it luck of the draw and those who do believe affirm that Christ is alive and well!

In this case, Jesus was going to make sure that anyone who saw and heard didn’t have an excuse to deny the miracle.

Why wait four days?  Why not come that day or maybe the day after?

Third century Jewish tradition believed within the three days after death the soul would hover over the body thinking that it could enter the body again.  But once it saw that the face or body was being disfigured, it would leave it for good.

Would it make sense in order for Jesus to do a miracle that He wait four days?  He didn’t want to go within this time, resurrect Lazarus, and then people say, “Oh maybe Lazarus was in a comma.”

Even though people were going to talk regardless, He wanted to pose a question in their mind.  I love my Lord because He never works in the human logical way of thinking.  He takes it beyond our imagination.  That’s why it’s so important to believe that the Lord will heal us.  Then, wait to see how it comes about.

Everyone around Jesus wondered what his plans were.  His disciples questioned why He was returning to Judea, a place where the Jews were ready to kill Him. They couldn’t understand Lazarus’ situation.

John 11:15 (AMP)
And for your sake I am glad that I was not there; it will help you to believe (to trust and rely on Me). However, let us go to him.

The disciples spent countless hours with Jesus, but they still didn’t know Him.  They didn’t realize the power Jesus has being the Messiah of the world.  Their first reaction should have been, “Jesus, you want to go where?  Do to what?  Come, let’s go and take care of business and resurrect Lazarus.”

When we know Jesus, we don’t question why it’s taking long for our healing; we take every step and work through it.  When we ask, He’ll tell us every detail why we are in the state we’re in.  It may be that we’re standing in place as an example to others.  Maybe we forgot what the Lord told us to do a few years back and we went back into our old habits.  Maybe we disobeyed His Word.  Whatever the case may be, get your answers from Him, then move forward to where He wants you to go.



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