Dismantle The Mantle (January)

Dismantle The Mantle


Beware lest any man spoil you through philosophy and vain deceit, after the tradition of men, after the rudiments of the world, and not after Christ. –The Holy Bible, Colossians 2:8.

The best quotes and advice we can ever receive is what comes out of the best book ever written – The Holy Bible.

We may have many traditions in our family, with friends, work, and in our churches. But what was once good or beneficial does it still hold true? Do we question why we still hold unto the tradition and does it pertain to our time?

If you read the book of Kings, you will find many obeyed and disobeyed the Lord. Some continued the traditions and followed the worshipping of false Gods and idols because their forefathers kept the ritual. You may have to wonder how many of them questioned the validity and why was it done. Very few tore down the alters and high places because they went against the tradition and wanted to do God’s Will.

God isn’t tradition. He’s a God of extraordinary, above all you can ask for or imagine. We tend to put him in a box and limit Him because we can’t comprehend how great is the “I AM!!”

Are we limiting God by getting stuck in a ritual/tradition in our life? Evaluate your current status and determine if you’re caught in a tradition that’s not valid any more. What benefits does it bring and is it pleasing to the Lord. What’s the purpose?

There are some traditions that are great in respect to gathering a set of people. But look to see if the dynamics are still beneficial to the group. Maybe changes can be made to make the tradition better.

Is God moving you from a tradition/ritual setting to a better place? Is he shifting you to places unknown to you? Will you respond according to His Will? Do you stay in the comforts of your life and don’t push yourself to your full potential? Being too comfortable is a dangerous place to be because it doesn’t allow you to see beyond your own four walls. Challenge yourself to things and places outside of your circle. Allow the Lord to bring you to higher ground and watch yourself do things you didn’t know you had in you.

What holds you back? Fear, the unknown, don’t think you’re good enough, are you worried about what people will say? Just close your eyes and MOVE. If God is behind you, you can’t go wrong. You can’t fail. Failure isn’t in His vocabulary; It’s in Satan’s.

God is looking for warriors to partner with Him. He’ll take an ordinary person and make them extraordinary just by walking in His ways.

Psalm 147:15 (AMP)
He sends forth His commandment to the earth; His word runs very swiftly.

When God wants to do something here on earth, He speaks a command. That command is transmitted to us, the believers, by the Holy Spirit. It is then up to us to speak the command, and when we do, God’s action is released.

When we partner with the Lord, He truly uses us to complete the assignment. As we speak out what has been revealed to us, power and authority is given to us to speak life or death.

Let’s speak life into the traditions/rituals that no longer belong in our life. Ask the Lord to show you what is hindering your destiny. Could it be that you’re stuck in a tradition that’s not effective? God looks for saints who can say goodbye to the past and enter into a new realm of holiness and righteousness.

What’s holding you back?



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