Are The Desires Of Our Heart Aligned With The Lord

Good Day!

What do we want in life?


It all goes back to how we are living. Do we want the things of this world or are we going after the Kingdom of God wholeheartedly?

What if the Lord wants to use us in a way where there is no time for marriage, children, or career?

Why are some of us still crying out for the things the Lord knows isn’t right for us? Doing this only produces depression, anger, and disappointment.

Perhaps we are chasing after the wrong desires. One of our biggest mistakes is that we set expectations on individuals and fail to trust in God. Then when an individual fails to deliver, we get upset and start holding grudges and allow it to manifest into other “bad emotions” in our life.

We have to learn to trust in the Lord. The Bible says that man will always fail us but God never fails us. “It is better to take refuge in the Lord than to trust in man.” – Psalms 118:9

If we don’t get what we want/desire, chances are God knows it’s not appropriate for us. He may have other plans bigger and better in store for us. I’ve heard people say that God has “failed me.” That is incorrect! In actuality, we fail God when we reject what He has for us.

We have blessings waiting to be sent to us but we’re not walking in the Will of God to receive it. We have to take our hands off of the desires of self and move unto pleasing our Father in Heaven.

Are we using our God-given talents to do the work that only we can do on Earth? Do we want to be the missing piece of the puzzle that didn’t allow a soul to be ministered to?

I pray that we are all walking in faith and continually trusting in the Lord to guide and deliver us from carnal desires.


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